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Nail art inks - 7 ml Nail art inks - 7 ml
10 ink colors in a set
€10.00 *
- 33 % Stripes Stripes
Nail Art Stripes These stripes are self-adhesive and can be used for a wide variety of nail art techniques. Available in gold and silver
€1.00 * €1.50 *
Gold and silver inlays Gold and silver inlays
Inlay motifs in gold and silver optics Beautiful motifs: rectangular, square, pearls, triangles, drops, ellipses
€10.00 *
- 23 % Stamping gel set Stamping gel set
Queen Shining Stamping Gel Set is perfect as a basic equipment for stamping with gel. It contains 10 different colors of stamping gels and three stamping plates with different motifs.
€85.00 * €110.00 *
Tourmaline gel 15ml Tourmaline gel 15ml
Our tourmaline gels can be used in many ways to give the modeling its very own look. The stained glass effect can be applied as a French tip over a transparent extension with crystal tips, or over another color or effect gel. Tourmaline...
€15.00 *
Transfer Printing Gel Set Transfer Printing Gel Set
Foils offer a quick and efficient method to decorate the modeling and create designs. The colorful designs can be applied over the entire surface or partially. Since our foils are extremely thin, they can also be applied to the entire...
€25.00 *
Season gel Season gel
This product conjures up dazzling effects on the modeling. The most beautiful effects are achieved when the product is applied on a dark surface. Instructions: Cover the nail with black or dark color gel and harden it in the UV device....
€10.00 *
3D Line Gel 3ml 3D Line Gel 3ml
Flowers and leaves, lines and shapes, the 3D color gel is perfect for these nail art techniques.
€10.00 *
Shellies - shell splinters Shellies - shell splinters
Inlays that are incorporated into the still moist product are a fast and efficient type of nail art. The shell splinters - Shellies - are colored and shimmer with mother-of-pearl effect. Break the shellies into small pieces and place...
€36.00 *
- 20 % Blossom ink 15ml Blossom ink 15ml
Inks are for modeling in watercolor irreplaceable. Hasi Nails has 20 different colors ready for you. they can let the Inks run on the prepared nail or specifically Put flowers and ornaments together. Or cover the clear modeling simply...
From €8.00 * €10.00 *