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- 17 % Finish topcoat set Finish topcoat set
You buy the complete set and receive a 15 ml topcoat of your choice as a gift. Contents: 5 times 15 ml plus one free 15 ml
€50.00 * €60.00 *
- 19 % Finish topcoat Finish topcoat
Finish topcoat without an inhibition layer with a touch of color. This topcoat hardens in 60 seconds in the UV LED device to a brilliant finish. Suitable for use over an acrylic or gel model or for sealing the fiber and hard base gels....
€12.00 * €14.90 *
- 21 % High Shine Gloss Gel with a shimmer High Shine Gloss Gel with a shimmer
High Shine Gloss Gel with Shimmer This sealing gel hardens with a great shine. It does not scratch or smear. It comes in six different shimmers - choose your favorite shimmer or order all of them in a set - the gels are cured for 60...
From €11.90 * €15.00 *
- 20 % Sealing / gloss gel (without inhibition layer) Sealing / gloss gel (without inhibition layer)
Sealant / gloss gel The modeling is sealed or coated with gloss gel. This makes the colors shine longer, brings a super shine and protects the modeling. The sealing gel (without inhibition layer) from Hasi Nails keeps all these promises....
From €10.10 * €12.60 *
Sealing gel with Matrx 2 inhibition layer Sealing gel with Matrx 2 inhibition layer
Sealant gel with inhibition layer - Matrex 2 Our sealing gel gives the modeling a brilliant shine. Apply generously over the nail filed into shape and harden for 4 minutes in the RV tube device or polymerize for 2 minutes in the UV LED....
From €18.49 *
Top matt 15ML Top matt 15ML
Whether glossy or matt - the customer has the choice. With our Matt Top Coat you can give the modeling a noble silk look, or even partially matt the nails. A combination in a French look is particularly beautiful. To do this, first coat...
From €15.00 *