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- 19 % Nail Art Gel Set Nail Art Gel Set
Nail Art Gel Set 24 high-coverage gel colors for decoration, nail art and much more. The nail art gels come in a brush bottle with striper brushes. 10 extra brushes are included in the set. Contents: 24 times 15 ml
€120.00 * €149.00 *
UV gels - color UV gels - color
UV Gel Color Our color gels are opaque with just one application. 157 beautiful colors that feel creamy when applied and harden without shrinkage. Packaging sizes: 5 ml 15 ml
€10.00 *
Color gel - 7ml Color gel - 7ml
Color gel - 7 ml Highly opaque color gels in 137 different colors, hardness in UV LED and tube device. With inhibition layer
€6.00 *